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About Christopher...

Christopher started learning guitar at age 8. After initially learning classical and folk guitar pieces in 1998 Christopher got into Rock guitar which got him permanently hooked on the instrument! This set him on his journey of getting as good as he could possibly get, putting hours and hours of practicing and playing time into learning song after song, riffs, techniques and working towards improving his paying as much as possible. 

Then in 2008 he began teaching guitar and for the next 10 years he built up his clientele of students eventually teaching up to 40 students a week as well as playing in local covers and originals bands, playing on the local circuit.

Then in 2020 Christopher moved down to Hove, East Sussex where since he has been focusing on teaching guitar full time as well as concentrating on writing and recording a brand new album of guitar heavy material.

Since 2020 and the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic, Christopher started teaching online through zoom and skype in addition to continuing teaching face to face once the quarantine ended.

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