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Guitar Lessons in Brighton and Hove

I teach a wide variety of styles, techniques, topics and aspects related to guitar and music. Here listed below is a list of some of the things that I am available to teach.

Hundreds of your favourite pop songs

With the sheet music of hundreds of well known pop songs in my music library, including many classic Soul/Funk/RnB tracks, I have a huge catalogue of sheet music available for any student who wants to learn his/her favourite tunes, whether it's strictly for your own enjoyment and you want to have fun learning your favourite songs, or whether you want to impress your friends at the next garden or house party. In my lessons I break down every part and section and explain and teach every part in a way that's not only easy to understand but where the student can quickly learn and make progress due to a very efficient step-by-step teaching programme that I have devised.

Go through and attain your RGT and Rockschool Grades, Preliminary to Grade 8

I am also available for students who want to study and work towards attaining their RGT and Rockschool Grades. Whether you're just starting out and want to get the Preliminary Grade or you are a more advanced player who wants to aim for the latter, higher grades, I can take you through the entire syllabus, work through the individual pieces as well as the scales, arpeggios, chords and the more theory based aspects of the syllabus, explaining and going through everything in thorough and meticulous detail before you are ready to apply for the exam.

Learn a variety of styles, Pop, Funk, Soul/RnB, Blues, Rock, Metal

I am also available to teach in multiple styles. Whether you want to learn how to play funk guitar like Nile Rogers or David Williams with all those syncopated rhythms and skanking, want to learn different types of Blues progressions and how to solo in the style of Robben Ford, want to learn some Metallica riffs or sweep pick like Yngwie Malmsteen, we can delve deep into multiple styles, learn all the different techniques and concepts and I can help you improve your skill level and knowledge in multiple styles.

Advanced Rock/Shred/Metal techniques

I am also a specialist in rock/shred/metal guitar, having countless hours in my earlier years developing the multiple different techniques needed to play modern shred/metal guitar. If you're looking to master the Legato, Alternate Picking or Sweeping techniques to the level of greats like Steve Vai, John Petrucci, I guarantee I can get you there. We will look at your technique, getting rid of any existing bad habits if there are any, make sure you are playing with good technique to make sure you are always playing loose and relaxed, and work our way through a select group of exercises optimised to make sure you reach your technique goals as effortlessly, quickly as possible in a way that is always enjoyable and exciting.

Sightreading/Reading music notation

I am also available to give lessons in how to read real music notation. Of course tablature is easy to read and very convenient way of learning music quickly but the art of learning how to read real music notation is a very valuable skill to have especially as a guitarist in this modern day and age of guitar tabs and online guitar lessons. As a guitar instructor I have at my disposal a multitude of learning resources and teaching strategies to teach any guitarist how to read real music notation, starting from the basics by learning basic rhythms and the lowest notes on the guitar, to complex rhythms, being able to play parts in multiple different positions and learn challenging classical guitar pieces.

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